Schaffer Designs Presents “A Designer’s Habitat” at 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show

Schaffer Designs returned to the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show where they unveiled their latest floral creation titled, “A Designer’s Habitat.” The infamous flower show which took place June 5 – 13, 2021, was moved to an outdoor location for safety measures at the historic Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park (FDR Park). 

“This departure from the show’s typical late winter timing is in response to the pandemic,” according to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. (PHSonline) This is also the first time the show has been moved to an outside venue. “Which will allow for new creative expression and horticultural displays as well as social distancing and the health benefits of being outside.” 

Their four-sided installation was custom-built for this event featuring different color sections that told its own unique color story which stood out against the natural green park setting. They really transformed this colorful installation into a gorgeous work of art.

“A Designer’s Habitat”

“Here we see the natural habitat of the Designasaurus floraliamus, commonly known as a florist. Crucial to their survival, nature’s materials feed their extraordinary need to create floral art wherever they go. As a result, their natural instincts adapt and a transformation of a new habitat will develop.”

-Schaffer Designs

Due to the date and climate change, Schaffer Designs made the conscious decision to incorporate a great number of tropical flowers and foliage for this hot, outdoor setting. This strategy was very successful as the flowers performed long enough to be refreshed and still look amazing during a lengthy 2-week event. 

Color-enhanced greenery is also perfect for extending the longevity in a design as the airbrushed paint can help conceal the natural signs of aging.

Jet Fresh Flowers had the pleasure of supplying flowers and foliage for this creative install. These items and much more are available to order including Monstera Leaves, Anthurium, Birds of Paradise, Ginger, Gypsophila, Hanging Amaranthus, and of course, the Braided Palm Leaves, all shown in this creation. Ask your sales rep about any of the natural and color-enhanced products shown here. Color enhancements for certain items may be available upon request. 

Congratulations team Schaffer Designs!

Congratulations to Bill Schaffer, Kris Kratt and the entire team for creating another great floral installation! It’s an honor for us to be involved. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

“I know this sounds like a corny ad, but I don’t care if it does because, from our destination events and our installation projects to some last-minute, help-me-out-of-a-jam situations; I can always count on the Jet Fresh Flowers Team to help make our floral imaginations come to life!” – Bill Schaffer, Schaffer Designs

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