Jet Fresh Flowers Launches Fresh Delivery

Look out, Miami! Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is now delivering fresh-cut flowers in water to your door. Fresh Delivery, our new flower delivery service is transporting wholesale fresh-cut bunches to the floral trade in water and inside a refrigerated vehicle.

The demand for delivery services has increased throughout the years. Jet Fresh Flowers is supporting our customers by offering personal delivery for our fresh-cut bunches and shipping them in the best manner possible, in water and refrigerated. Not only will you save time from going to pick up your flowers yourself, but your bunches will also maintain hydration and temperature control so that they’ll arrive at your location in the best condition possible.

Fresh Delivery is kicking off in the Miami-Dade region, and we will announce when other territories have been added. In the meantime, ask your Jet Fresh sales rep. about other shipping options available outside this area.

How does it work?

Fresh Delivery services are available Mondays through Fridays. There’s no minimum purchase required and all orders have a $10 flat-rate shipping fee. Wholesale boxes are also available for delivery upon request. 

Same-day Fresh Delivery services are available for orders placed before 9 am that day. All orders that are placed after 9 am will be delivered on the next day. 

Fresh Delivery is currently servicing account holders located in the Miami area (Hialeah to Homestead). Ask your Jet Fresh sales rep for delivery options outside of this area; including nationwide, Canada and the Caribbean. For information about third-party transportation services in your area visit our page.

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