Jet Fresh Flower Distributors Partners with Details Flowers Software

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Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is proud to announce its partnership with Details Flowers. The family-owned and operated wholesaler, importer and distributor located in Miami, Fla. is working together with the floral software company encouraging flower buying within the platform.
At the same time, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is also forming strategic partnerships with wholesale flower companies throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean in order to maintain the cold-chain needed to supply these orders and not bypass wholesalers. 
“Currently, the trend has been for event and retail florists to bypass wholesalers and order their flowers from Dotcom suppliers or importers from Miami, California and Holland, which are then express delivered overnight, they hope,” said Mike Black, president of Jet Fresh Flower Distributors and Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. “With our experience, those people aren’t consistently successful because they lose the entire proper cold-chain.” 
Since the pandemic, the need for express delivery services has increased tremendously. For many florists, overnight delivery services and air freight are their only options for receiving flowers. Unfortunately, shipping flowers in these ways can lead to greater headaches caused by damaged or lost product. These express delivery services aren’t equipped with the proper refrigeration to maintain the cold-chain, and are difficult for floral professionals to rely on. 
When Details was looking for a partner, Black knew we needed to create a system that’s been proven to prevent issues caused from these delivery practices.
“Our idea is to offer flowers available, compile the orders and ship them with our strategic partners via refrigerated carriers,” said Black. “We want to give wholesalers the time to be able to offer additional products, including supplies and hard goods, and give buyers access to even greater products.” 
Black says the idea is for there to be no disappointment from flowers which were transported poorly. As a result, Jet Fresh also plans to cover the costs of transportation to the wholesaler as well as the wholesaler’s margin. 
“The wholesaler is ensured to have those costs covered in the prices we are quoting,” said Black. “It’s never the wholesaler’s loss.” 
Black says that partnerships are the future, and the continuous development of innovative practices such as this will help the flower industry work more efficiently.
“We’re getting in on the ground floor,” said Black. “I won’t be surprised if systems like this [Details Flowers] can be integrated in the future with programs such as Komet Sales.”
Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is currently offering buying through Details Flowers only in the state of Florida, and they have already partnered with Carlstedt’s Flower General Wholesale Florist to cover the Orlando territory and north.
“We are very eager to take off with Details, said Fernando Ortega, general manager of Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. ”However, we need to do it right and take all the proper steps to ensure the success of the program —walking before we run.” 
The Details Flowers software is helping florists, designers and event planners grow their business with an all-in-one system that connects them with growers, suppliers, wholesalers and educators. Details tailors their users’ floral professional needs with an attractive, easy-to-use platform that helps them plan, organize and execute floral events successfully. 
Users will have access to Jet Fresh’s top, most popular event flowers from some of the world’s premier farms including: Rosa Flora Limited, Alexandra Farms, Flores Del Este, Esmeralda Farms, Sande Flowers and Jet Fresh Flower Growers to name a few. 
Flower buyers will also be able to expand their horizons with color-enhanced Hippy Psychedelic Roses as well as custom-printed Speaking Roses, offering an even more customized, personalized floral experience for their customers to remember.
Details Flowers was founded in 2015 by Corrine Heck. As an event florist, she designed and executed hundreds of floral events, but took her career to another direction where she wanted to develop an all-in-one software solution for floral professionals. Today, there are over 700 floral professionals nationwide who are growing their businesses with the Details Flowers software and seeing great results. 
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