Hippy Psychedelic Roses Farm Takeover

Jet Fresh Flower Growers celebrated our Hippy Psychedelic Roses with a fun farm takeover celebrating our colorful roses and the peace and love we share around the world.

Our amazing team joined to create 3,500 Hippy Psychedelic Roses for a magical floral installation designed on a vintage VW by arranged by Etica Events. They created a vibrant, colorful trail of color-enhanced roses that is so invigorating and inviting for future design work. 

But that’s not all, scroll to see all the hippy footage we have in store. 

JFTV: Hippy Psychedelic Rose VW Bus Floral Design

Join Melisa, Majo, and the hippy crew as we showcase 3,500 stems of our Hippy Psychedelic Roses made right here at our boutique rose farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. in Ecuador. Follow along the magical rainbow and imagine all the fresh design possibilities you can create with our color-enhanced Hippy Psychedelic Roses.

JFTV: Hippy Psychedelic Rose VW Bus Floral Design TimeLapse

You’ve seen our magical rainbow VW floral design, now watch it come to life in this fresh timelapse featuring the behind-the-scenes. 

JFTV: Hippy Psychedelic Roses Box Example en Español

Join Diana and Ahnni as they unbox our freight-friendly Hippy Psychedelic Rose 1/8th box. Each case is packed with two bunches of 25 stems each. Choose from our wide selection of color-enhanced rose varieties and custom order your own special box. Hippy Psychedelic Roses are packed with complimentary Arrive Alive from Chrysal to keep your roses extra fresh during transit. Ask your sales rep for more details. 

JFTV: Hippy Psychedelic Roses Art Team

In this episode of #JFTV, we’re with the Hippy Psychedelic Rose Art Team showing off our magical, vintage VW Bus featuring an amazing trail of 3,500 color-enhanced roses. We’re so proud of our team’s creativity and the constant bounds they push to create new and incredible color-enhanced rose varieties for your professional floral needs. We can’t see what they come up with next. 

JFTV: Hippy Psychedelic Roses Farm Dance Video

Our team at Jet Fresh Flower Growers joined together to spread more peace and love, this time through their love of dance. In honor of our Hippy Psychedelic Roses Farm Takeover, they filmed a choreographed dance to ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” showing off their amazing team spirit in a groovy way. 

JFTV: Cheech & Chong’s “HOw’s my Driving” JFFG Edition

Join Juanita and Diana in a special JFFG Edition of Cheech & Chongs’s famous scene, “How’s My Driving?”

HOw To Buy

Interested in placing an order for our color-enhanced Hippy Psychedelic Roses, contact Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com. Custom colors are available upon request. Click here for our variety list. 

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