Jet Fresh Flowers’ Preserved Flower Brochure 2018

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has a brand-new Preserved Flowers Brochure for 2018 that’s filled with even more preserved and freeze-dried flowers. Available for download now, explore the products available to order year-round.

In order to support the ever-growing demand of preserved and freeze-dried flowers such as the very popular preserved roses, our new brochure now includes even more flower types such as freeze-dried garden roses, hydrangea, gardenia, stephanotis, orchid blooms and even dried filler bouquets.

What’s New?

Alexandra Farms’ Freeze-Dried Garden Roses

We’re very excited to introduce Freeze-Dried Garden Roses from our good friends at Alexandra Farms.

Grown and produced at their farm in Colombia, Alexandra Farms’ Freeze-Dried Garden Roses feature large, premium garden rose varieties by Alexandra Farms, including David Austin® Garden Roses.

Freeze-drying, also called Lyophilization is a natural process in which the water vapor is removed from the garden roses while in a frozen state. This process allows the roses to maintain most of its original color and texture without altering the garden rose’s original shape and size. Freeze-dried garden roses can last up to a year or longer, although color may begin fading after six months due to lighting conditions.

Preserved Rose Corazon Hearts

What better way to show love in flower form than with a heart-shaped preserved rose? Our Ecuadorian preserved rose: Corazon Hearts is a gorgeously reconstructed red preserved rose whose petals have been individually preserved and shaped to form a beautiful heart.

Packed individually, these Corazon Hearts Preserved Roses will last one year minimum and are available year-round.

Download the Brochure

Preserved Flowers have become such a great addition to the flower industry for gifts and decor, that the options are truly endless. By not requiring any water, designers are able to create a plethora of arrangements such as gift boxes and rose domes, as well as larger displays such as flower walls.

See all of our new product updates in our new Preserved Flower Brochure. Download the link here.



6 thoughts on “Jet Fresh Flowers’ Preserved Flower Brochure 2018

  1. Imma says:

    Hi, I would like to know where can I buy your garden roses in Europe, I live in Spain, kind regards.

  2. Leitner Klára says:

    Hi Ashley,
    These flowers are beautifull! I would like a bunch of lilac levander and pink peony fir years. Can I order these as well?

  3. Inès says:

    Hello! I’m a floral designer in France. I’m interested in freeze dried roses from Alexandra Farms. Can I buy them, please?

    • Ashley says:

      Hi Inès, thank you very much for your message. Unfortunately, the farm which once supplied us with these is no longer offering them. I’m very sorry for the trouble. The breeder of these wonderful roses might know of another supplier that is offering them in Europe. Kindly reach out to Thank you and best wishes!

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