JFTV: Jet Fresh Flower Growers Farm Fresh Friday

Happy Friday! Today we have another edition of Farm Fresh Friday to get you through the Mother’s Day season with new updates and pictures from our rose farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. in Cotopaxi, Ecuador.

JFTV: Color of the Week

Yellow Tara rose from Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A.

This week’s Color of the Week is the bright and cheerful yellow. There’s no other rose color which leaves you feeling warm and happy more than yellow.
Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. produces beautiful yellow roses at an altitude of 2,896 meters high. From solid yellows to unique bi-colors, we have different shades of yellow available year-round that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

JFTV en Español: Color de la Semana -Amarillo

In this week’s episode of JFTV en Español, Juanita and Melisa presented another episode of “JFFG Color de la Semana” (Color of the Week.)

Following last week’s color of the week: pink, they taken us into one of our greenhouses where some of our yellow Ecuadorian roses are growing.

Join them inside the greenhouse and see the fun that awaits at the “house of non-stop service!”

Yellow Bi-Color Roses

Along with solid yellow roses, we also grow great bi-color yellow varieties that feature terrific accents with red and orange outer petals. These flowers are not only unique, but they make any arrangement stand out with its vibrant detailing and colors.

Greenhouse Update

Not only did we acquire a new greenhouse, but plenty of space was also eradicated to make room for new varieties. Stay tuned for updates!

Administrative Professional’s Week

This week was Administrative Professional Week, we must not forget to show our appreciation for both of our administrative teams in Miami and Cotopaxi who make all of our operations a great success. We thank them all for their hard work!



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