Jet Fresh Flowers’ #FreshInspiration – Mother’s Day Floral Design 2018

Mother’s Day Fresh Inspiration

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is back with another gorgeous #FreshInspiration for Mother’s Day 2018 featuring a loose garden bouquet with red and hot pink focal flowers and unique fillers from the Jet.

Our talented in-house designer and Cash & Carry manager, Olga Ramirez, CFD, designed this incredible bouquet for a very special mom — our warehouse manager, Jason. Olga will be inducted into AIFD this year at the 2018 Symposium in Washington, D.C.

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has a wide selection of fresh-cut wholesale flowers for Mother’s Day, as well as wedding season. Olga selected this amazing assortment of fresh-cut flowers from our Jet Fresh Miami Cash & Carry — wholesale flowers by the bunch and box available local to the floral trade.

What’s Inside?

Olga’s great use of color makes each individual flower type stand out while still complementing each other. Not only is the over-all design beautiful, but this bouquet has so many unique textures and elements that we must discuss.

Red Monster Garden Roses are an immediate standout in this floral bouquet. The way that this variety blooms, with gorgeous rosette petals wrapped around an incredible green stamen, is an immediate attention-grabber in any floral arrangement.

Pecher Peonies add a beautiful contrast to the garden roses with its light combination of pink outer petals and a peachy center. As these peonies continue to bloom, the loose garden-style bouquet will look even fuller.


Olga added lovely pink floral elements and textures to soften the red garden roses and add a more “gardeny” feel including pink lisianthus, purple wax flower and magenta scabiosas.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the additonal filler and touches of greenery knock this bouquet out of the park. Saracena Swamp Lilies soften the bouquet with its creamy white petals which fade down to green, with purple and green vein-like striations. Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace also adds balance to the arrangement with green and purple flower clusters, respectively. Willow Seeded Eucalyptus adds weight to the bouquet with soft green leaves and seeds. And Monkey Tail Fiddlehead Fern uniquely ties everything together.


Bouquet Ingredients

Another Look

This bouquet is beautiful in all angles. The color scheme is not only perfect for Mother’s Day, with the use of red and pink, but it can also be arranged year-round for weddings as well as Valentine’s Day.

How to Order

To order any of these ingredients and more for Mother’s Day, contact Jet Fresh Flower Distributors at For farm-direct/international orders, please contact


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