Yola Guz, AIFD, School of Floral Design Bridal Workshop

The Yola Guz, AIFD, School of Floral Design in Miami, FL held a special bridal workshop last month month for unique wedding bouquets.

About 20 students attended the class learning the techniques for 20 different flower bouquets, designing with flowers sponsored by Jet Fresh Flower Distributors.

Yola Guz, AIFD, CFD designed unique bridal bouquets that feature a variety of colors and textures. She incorporated mixed media in several different arrangements, and designed elements to create wearable bouquets.

Bridal Bouquets

Yola Guz, AIFD, CFD designed several bridal bouquets that were uniquely beautiful using flowers sponsored by Jet Fresh Flowers. With the exception of the wide horizontal silk arrangement, these bridal bouquets conveyed traditional aspects in terms of bouquet shape, such as hand-tied or posy-style.

Wearable Bouquets

Yola Guz, AIFD, CFD designed a few wearable bridal bouquets using flowers from Jet Fresh and incorporating them with her own custom accessories. She created custom vessels using traditional bridal elements, such as lace and pearls, to create wearable floral accessories that will complement bridal and bridesmaids dresses, and can be worn or held with decorative straps and handles.

Workshop Overview

Many of her bouquets can be used in tropical settings for her choice in bright colors and greenery. She mostly focuses on bright single-variety bouquets with greenery and decor accents to show another way to style bouquets with the top of the flowers to the tip of the bouquet handles.

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