Jet Fresh Flower Distributors upgraded warehouse with eco-friendly LED light system

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is lowering its carbon-footprint with a freshly installed LED-lighting system that’s reducing energy consumption and creating a more sustainable environment.

The wholesale flower importer and distributor in Miami, Fla. upgraded their lighting system in the refrigerated warehouse on September 22, 2019 with the expertise of Lumen Commercial Group, in order to reduce waste and improve their environmental impact.

Lumen Commercial Group (LCG) is proud to partner with Jet Fresh Flowers (JFF), a trendsetter in the industry, with an environmentally responsible business model.  The joint efforts enabled JFF to reduce their operating expenses and their carbon footprint by retrofitting the existing warehouse lighting with LED technology,” said Sebastian Martinez, Director of Sales.

Upgraded System

The previous lighting system used fluorescent tubes and ballasts which contain hazardous chemicals such as mercury, lead and PCBs. These toxic materials are non-sustainable and need to be replaced often, creating waste that must to be disposed properly as per state and federal regulations. According to Lumen Commercial Group, these toxic ballasts need to be replaced every 2 to 4 years.

Lumen Commercial Group replaced this obsolete technology with LED Tubes, which have built-in electronics that convert and regulate power for each tube autonomously, making the ballast unnecessary. These LED tubes are mercury-free, and designed to last over for 7 years, allowing the cooler to run more efficiently using less power.

“LCG wants to help other businesses in the industry that employ cold storage and warehousing by reviewing their operations and putting in place energy-saving lighting solutions, so that they can also reduce their expenses and improve their environmental responsibility,” said Martinez.

Reducing Environmental Impact

The fluorescent lighting system consumed 46,940 kWh per year; whereas the new consumption level will drop to 20,451 kWh per year; a reduction of 26,488 kWh or 56 percent of the total energy consumption. According to Lumen Commercial Group, their cost of lighting will also be reduced by 75 percent.

The environmental impact Jet Fresh Flower Dist. has achieved is impressive, eliminating approximately 18.7 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. “That’s the equivalent of carbon sequestered by 22 acres of forest in one year,” said Martinez.

Jet Fresh Flower Dist. supplies a wide range of fresh-cut flowers, greenery and preserved flowers from around the world for wholesale and events. The Jet Fresh Cash and Carry flower market, located inside their sustainably-lit refrigerated warehouse, supplements local floral designers and event planners with fresh-cut flowers, greenery and preserved flowers by the bunch and box.

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