Testing Chrysal Arrive Alive® with Jet Fresh Flower Growers

Chrysal is a leading innovator and developer of flower food and products that are made to extend the quality and performance of fresh-cut flowers and greenery. Presenting Chrysal’s Arrive Alive®, this unique packaging keeps flowers fresh and hydrated during transit so that they arrive alive.

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is proud to share a brand-new technology available from our rose farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. This special product contains a reusable sponge that has been dipped in floral solution and wrapped around the stems, keeping them covered and hydrated during transit to reduce drying and maintain freshness.

JFTV: Chrysal’s Arrive Alive® “Tutti Frutti” Test with Jet FrEsh FlowEr Growers

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, before we could promote this new technology, Jet Fresh conducted an experiment with Arrive Alive® using roses from our own farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A.

We tested the effectiveness of Chrysal’s Arrive Alive® by comparing two cases of 23-day-old “Tutti Frutti” roses. One case was packaged with “Arrive Alive” and the other was packed with “Wet Feet” to see the differences.

In order to see the real benefits of Chrysal’s Arrive Alive®, we used roses that were aging to see if the vase life could be extended at all.

By doing so, we’re able to gain a better analysis of the results that prove Arrive Alive’s effectiveness.

Join Mike and Mimi from Chrysal in Miami as they unbox these cases and reveal the results!

The Results are in…

“Arrive Alive®, that s*** works!”

The experiment well-exceeded our expectations. After being stored in the cooler for 23 days, Chrysal’s Arrive Alive® maintained hydration and freshness after long-term storage; whereas, the “Wet Feet” was only effective for a shorter duration of storage.

These were our findings:

With Arrive Alive®

  • Arrive Alive® sponges were still wet
  • Rose heads felt firmer
  • Color maintained its vibrancy
  • Stems were still green and hydrated

With “Wet Feet” 

  • “Wet Feet” were still moist
  • Rose heads felt softer, more hollow
  • Color faded
  • Stems were more brown and dry

How To Order

Arrive Alive® is available from our rose farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. in Cotopaxi, Ecuador.

You must give this innovation a try and see the amazing results for yourself.

Contact Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com and (305) 499-9144 for more information.

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