Jet Fresh Flower Growers Coronavirus Update

Flower farms around the world are taking a huge hit as flowers are going unused due the coronavirus. As a result, the industry is suffering greatly as events have been cancelled worldwide, and many businesses have seized production.

Our boutique rose farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. in Cotopaxi, Ecuador is still maintaining itself with a reduced staff on-site that is still caring for our plants and cutting all unused production.

Our farm is operating with a team of 25 people; whereas we normally have up to 60 people working at a time. Although, the majority of our team is social-distancing safely at home, our members on the front-line are taking serious precautions to avoid catching and spreading the virus.

Staying Safe

Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. is well-equipped with personal protective equipment including face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves. Not only are we encouraging social distancing between one another, but we have reduced hours to combat the virus, along with other extra precautions. Every vehicle that enters the farm is safely fumigated, and we are also monitoring our team’s health by checking their temperatures daily.

These extra steps not only ensure the safety of our team, but keep us operating efficiently so that our farm is well-maintained without affecting the quality of our roses.

Composting Unused Flowers

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for flowers has greatly decreased worldwide. As a result, our farm has discarded approximately 16,000 stems of roses daily.

Just like many flower farms are enduring, the loss is absolutely devastating. To avoid creating waste from this unfortunate situation, our farm has been composting all the unused stems, maintaining our standards of  sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Looking Forward

We hope you and your loved ones stay healthy throughout this global pandemic.

During this state of isolation, we believe people need flowers more than ever, and to surround themselves with nature and beauty. Jet Fresh wants you to know that we’re doing whatever is possible to support the floral industry during this unfortunate supply shortage.

Whether you need flowers farm-direct, or from Miami, Jet Fresh can fulfill wholesale flowers to you with a 3-days notice. Our boutique farm has still maintained a steady production of roses offering a great variety of natural and color-enhanced options. And our main distribution office in Miami is also importing flowers which are available for your needs. 

Let us help each other out during this time of need, and do whatever we can to support the floral industry together.

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  1. Brunorio Enrico says:

    Disastro planetario, voi produttori siete quelli più penalizzati. Speriamo trovino un vaccino al più presto altrimenti sarà una storia infinita!!

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