June is National Rose Month

June is national rose month. All month-long Jet Fresh Flowers is celebrating this classic flower and dedicating our Deals of the Day to all things roses. 

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors imports and distributes an incredible variety of wholesale cut roses from all around the world including standard roses, garden roses, spray roses and even preserved roses. Learn about just some of the great rose products we’re offering from amazing growers around the world. 

New from Rose Breeders 

We’re kicking off the month with fresh episodes of JFTV featuring new rose varieties and products available for wholesale and events from Jet Fresh Flowers.

JFTV: New Plantec Breeder Samples

We kicked off rose month with fresh, new samples from the breeder, Plantec. Join Fern inside our testing grounds as he gives us an up-close view at these new varieties available to order from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. 

Learn more at https://plantecuador.com

JFTV: Dummen Orange/Olij Breeder Samples

In this episode of JFTV, we have fresh rose samples from the breeders, Dummen Orange/Olij. Join Tina and Fernando inside our rose testing ground in Miami where we get a close-up view at these fresh varieties also a available from the Jet.

Learn more at https://www.dummenorange.com/

New from Jet Fresh Flower Growers

Jet Fresh Flowers is also proud rose growers in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. Our boutique farm located about 2,900 meters high is home to over 40 varieties of roses as well as color-enhanced roses. We grow roses with our customers in mind, investing in quality packaging and unique packing options that are perfect for floral needs. Here are some fresh updates for rose month. http://jetfreshflowers.com/growers/


We have a fresh new variety flying from our farm in Ecuador. HOTSPOT, from Jet Fresh Flower Growers is a large Hot Pink rose that opens fully capturing attentions with their wavy, spiraled petals. This 2019 SAF OVC red winner is going to be a favorite among florist. Join Fernando in Miami as he shows the variety from the box and in water. 

JFTV: Hippy Psychedelic Checkerboard Roses

Hippy Psychedelic Checkerboard Roses gives designers more color options to work with in a single bunch. Watch Olga create a design using a bunch of natural Checkerboard roses along with fresh flowers and fillers from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. This bunch includes Yellow Lighthouse and Red Finally roses from the breeders United Selection. 

JFTV: Hippy Psychedelic Roses 50-stem boxes

Jet Fresh Flower Growers is packing Hippy Psychedelic Roses in freight-friendly 50-stem boxes. These boxes can be custom-ordered to include the colors of your needs. Explore some of the many options available from our farm and see how they come packed with Mike. Learn more at:


Fresh Take Interviews

During this pandemic we’ve been working remotely and getting fresh perspectives from flower farms with the Fresh Take. Just in time for rose month, enjoy these interviews with Ashley getting a fresh perspective from rose growers for national rose month. 

Jose Azout, PresidEnt of Alexandra Farms

Episode #5 of “Fresh Take” features Jose Azout, president of the acclaimed garden rose farm, Alexandra Farms in Bogota, Colombia.

In this interview Jose shares his passion for garden roses and tell us some great stories and history about his farm. Learn about some of the top trending garden roses from Alexandra Farms, and fresh varieties coming soon. 

Learn more at AlexandraFarms.com

Arielle & Ralph DeBoer, Owners of Rosa Flora Limited

Episode #6 of our interview series, “Fresh Take” we went up north across the border to Ontario, Canada where we spoke with the owners of Rosa Flora Limited, Arielle & Ralph DeBoer. Watch as we discussed Rosa Flora’s history as originally rose growers to where they are today; and stay tuned for an exclusive rose announcement from their farm!

Learn more at https://www.rosaflora.com

How to Order

Celebrate rose month with us and learn about all the great deals and options flying from the Jet. Contact our sales team to get started today. Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com

Our Cash and Carry has also reopened for your local floral needs. Contact us for more information. (305) 499-9144

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