Designer Takeover with Andrea Grist of Florasource KC

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors had the pleasure of welcoming Andrea Grist of Florasource KC to Miami where she spent two days getting hands-on designing five individual floral arrangements with flowers from Jet Fresh Flowers. 

“It’s been a blast,” said Grist, Business Manager/Executive Flora Designer at Florasource KC in Kansas City. Andrea Grist had a fun experience designing with our flowers, using various items available year-round and seasonally from our Cash and Carry. 

It’s been “like a kid in a candy store,” said Grist, who enjoyed selecting from our wide inventory of fresh and preserved/dried flowers in Miami. 

All of the flowers in these designs were either sourced by Jet Fresh Flower Distributors in Miami, Fla. or grown by our farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. 

JFTV: Andrea Grist Designer Takeover with Tina

In this episode of JFTV: Andrea Grist Designer Takeover, Tina joins her to present the different flower arrangements Andrea using Jet Fresh Flowers. Discover the ingredients inside her arrangements, and see if you get inspired by her designs and color choices.

Andrea Grist won the Iron Designer contest hosted by the International Floriculture Expo (IFE) last year in Miami. One of the criteria for last year’s competition required making a hand-tied bouquet that can stand on its own. As mentioned earlier, she succeeded in taking home the title and the trophy.

Unfortunately, the competition was postponed this year due to COVID-19, and so she was unable to reclaim her title in Miami for a second year in a row. However, by the looks of this beautiful, free-standing bouquet, I’d say her title still stands. 

Andrea Grist created a gorgeous hand-tied bouquet using warm brown tones highlighted by lighter floral elements; a terrific blend of fresh and dried/preserved flowers from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors.

Immediately, what stands out in Andrea’s bouquet are the Frappuccino (formerly Macchiato) Hippy Psychedelic Roses from our farm Jet Fresh Flower Growers. Frappuccino, a warm and inviting shade of color-enhanced airbrushed roses, is a flavor your clients will surely drink up.

Andrea has complemented the airbrushed roses with Almond Cream Preserved Roses from Vermielle, which is a delicate light peach rose with a small head size, in comparison to our large Hippy Psychedelic Roses. 

Selecting flowers from our Cash and Carry warehouse in Miami comes with many great benefits including all the fun textures available by the bunch. Andrea’s fillers really sealed the deal in this arrangement including plenty of flowers that are perfect for the holiday season.

There are various bleached flowers in this arrangement, including the popular bleached ghost fern which contrast beautifully against the natural green palms. 

Other notable mentions that took Andrea’s bouquet to another level include our Bronze “Hot Biscuits” Upright Amaranthus, a.k.a. “Side Show Bob,” Peach Hypericum Berries, Dried Pine Cones, and African filler flowers. 

JFTV: Andrea Grist Designer Takeover Timelapse

If you loved Andrea Grist’s finished arrangements, then you’re going to want to see how they were made in this timelapse episode of JFTV: Andrea Grist Designer Takeover. Watch as these arrangements are brought to life with her own two hands using flowers from Jet Fresh Flowers.

What a perfectly pink floral arrangement! Just in-time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Andrea Grist created a dreamy bouquet with strong pink palette.

“I wanted to give it a light airy feel,” said Grist who put together a gorgeous recipe of light pink flowers from the Jet Fresh Cash and Carry. 

“Keira” David Austin Garden Roses from Alexandra Farms in Colombia have graced us with her presence. Such a beautiful and fragrant English garden rose, its varying shade is what makes this variety so special. 

Andrea took things a bit further and removed some of the core petals from the garden roses revealing rich peachy tones; creating a deep center, similar to a peony.

At the same time, Pink Mini Gerbera Daises from Rosa Flora Limited and Light Pink Tree Hydrangea offer this arrangement contrasting shades of pink so that each shade can breathe on its own. 

Andrea Grist has a great eye for texture and, of course, has selected beautiful fresh fillers as well from our Cash and Carry.

Pink Canadian Snowberry is scattered throughout the bouquet along with Pink Astilbe and Pink Stock. But wait, this arrangement wouldn’t be complete without some added greenery to add dimension and softly break up all the pink. Here she incorporated Israeli Ruscus as well as Trachelium. 

The third floral arrangement Andrea has created is the perfect marriage between her warm hand-tied bouquet and the pretty pink one.

Our Frappuccino Hippy Psychedelic Roses have returned showing, again just how elegant they can look in arrangements; this time next to more peach and green tones. 

Similar ingredients such as the “Hot Biscuits” Upright Amaranthus as well as Peach Hypericum Berries have also been included showing their versatility along with Dutch Hydrangea, fresh Eucalyptus and Dry Copperbeech.

“I love the peach color,” said Grist, who chose Peach Lisianthus as her focal flower.

Our Peach Lisianthus from Rosa Flora Limited in Canada are truly stunning. They give our customers a great performance coming directly to us from Canada with no breaks in the cold-chain. Rosa Flora Limited flowers are shipped to us in fresh water pails and facing upright maintaining their quality and freshness during transit. You’ve gotta try them!

Andrea is not afraid to play with fresh and dried flowers, and has included these adorable dried honeycombs in her arrangement. Their neutral tones coordinate perfectly with the Frappuccino roses and Bronze Amaranthus.

Is anyone else a protea fan? *Raises hand* We simply can’t ignore these fabulous Barbigera Niobe Protea which offers, again, great texture with their fuzzy dramatic blue lines. 

JFTV: Andrea Grist Designer Takeover Floral Designs

Now watch all of Andrea Grist’s floral designs in their glory in this Fresh Mix music video on JFTV. Come see her arrangements filmed in a complete 360 view.

“A lot of my designs have really bright colors,” said Grist, which she immediately knew was one of the arrangements she was going to make here at Jet Fresh.

Andrea achieved designing this bright floral arrangement with a fall essence incorporating bright hot pink and yellow flowers, burgundy leaves for contrast and soft green accents peppered throughout the arrangement. 

“I always want to encourage my customers to play with fun colors, different shapes and to try something new,” said Grist.

Andrea first selected Dark Expression roses, a new variety from our farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers as one of her focal flowers, accompanied by pink Lisianthus from Rosa Flora Limited in Canada.

Hot Pink Protea, Yellow Marigolds and yellow color-enhanced Oak leaves also added to the brightness of this arrangement.

Without going too far, Andrea balanced out these vibrant shades with colors that will highlight them without overshadowing. Soft green Eucalyptus, Dutch Hydrangea and Burgundy Smokebush complemented the arrangement beautifully.

Jet Fresh Flowers X AnDrea Grist

Lastly but certainly not least, Andrea designed psychedelic arrangement featuring our VW bus. 

This arrangement was made especially for us featuring our Rainbow Assorted Hippy Psychedelic Roses and Color-Enhanced Pampas Grass from our farm Jet Fresh Flower Growers; as well as assorted flowers and greens available at Jet Fresh.

Jimi The Tulip brought the extra peace and love with this groovy photoshoot. Contact us at for any information on the flowers you’ve seen here and more. 

Thank you!

We want to give a special thank you to Andrea Grist and Florasource KC for having such a great time with us in Miami, and for creating such beautiful designs for us to inspire.

Keep up with Andrea Grist on Instagram @andreakgristfloralart, and follow the Florasource KC family at @florasourcekansascity

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