Hippy Psychedelic Roses Valentine’s Day Collection

Jet Fresh Flowers is getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit with our fresh collection of Hippy Psychedelic Roses. Our farm Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. has unveiled our natural and color-enhanced rose options available to order now for Valentine’s Day.

JFTV: Jet Fresh Flower Growers’ 2021 Valentine’s Day Roses with Casey

Join Casey in this fresh episode of JFTV as he gives us a close up look at our V-Day “TriplePlay” mixes, our V-Day Natural Rainbow Assorted Mix, and new color-enhanced V-Day roses.

Color-enhanced Roses

Did you see anything you like? Scroll through our collection of V-Day color-enhanced roses and hover over each image to learn the names of these varieties. 

Be Mine
Kiss Me
Fire Marshmallow Edge
Metallic Pink Potion Marshmallow Edge
Metallic Lavender Potion Marshmallow Edge
Red w/ Pink Glitter Mallow
Red w/ V-day Glitter Mallow
Red w/ Lavender Marshmallow
White w/ Powder Pink Glitter Mallow
White w/ Hot Pink Glitter Mallow
White w/ Lavender Glitter Mallow
Santa Baby
Spring A
Spring B
Spring C
Dark Pink Marshmallow Edge
Light Pink Marshmallow Edge
Hot Pink Marshmallow Edge
Pink w/ White Konfetti
Red w/ Silver Glitter Edge
Red & Purple Color-Absorption
Red w/ Gold Marshmallow Edge

Natural Roses

Not only do we offer colorful color-enhanced roses, we also have natural mixed roses for Valentine’s Day grown from our farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. These varities include our V-Day TriplePlay Mixes, Natural Rainbow Assorted Mix and Checkerboard roses.

V-day TriplePlay 1
V-day TriplePlay 2
V-Day Natural Rainbow Mix
Red and White Checkerboard
Red and Light Pink Checkerboard
Hot Pink and White Checkerboard

Rainbow Roses

Hippy Psychedelic Roses also come in colorful rainbow varieties that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Explore our different shades and varieties.

Rainbow Color-Absorption
Candy Rainbow

Make Your Own Mix

There are so many great colors and combinations to choose. Create your own Hippy Psychedelic Rose mixes when you prebook for Valentine’s Day. Contact your Jet Fresh sales rep today or email Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com. 

Click to explore our full line of Hippy Psychedelic Roses.

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